Another Unicorn

The world is slowly changing, and more and more clothing brands are choosing sustainable- and ethical production. I’m happy with having the job as a greenfluencer, as it attracts beautiful people with the same values and beliefes. It gives us possibilities to creat more awareness together, when doing these partnership. In my job, it’s really important that those I work with have a fair- and environmentally friendly standard.

Let me introduce you to a brand I find to be really humble and sweet: Another Unicorn . Their clothes are made with high quality and 100% organic Supima Cotton. They believe that the clothes should give you a good feeling, in a way that resonates with your values. They’re inspiering people to be getle with themself and respect themself - and the reflect this upon the world, also through the clothings you choose. When being gentle and loving to yourself, you’ll automaticly become more gentle and loving with the environment!

Sustainability, fair- and transparent production, gender equality and high quality materials are just some of the words to describe Another Unicorn